Some projects need "good enough" performance, and some are important enough that they can't afford to fail. That's where we come in.  


As a team, C3 Partners has worked in every vertical. Further, each of our team members have worked across most verticals, allowing us to bring learnings to your company above and beyond what your competitors are doing.  

Types of Projects:

We run projects spanning from huge business and technology programs (1000+ team members) to short, yet critical strategic bursts. We have worked with most contemporary enterprise applications and many of their vertical-specificities - ERP, CRM, eCommerce, ECM, EDW/BI, etc. We've run the gamut from huge implementations to client-custom SDLC models.  

Vendor Management:

We are experts in vendor management - from the RFP process to execution and lessons learned. Many of our team members have been buyers of consulting services - we get the challenges around vendor transparency, communications, and accountability. Wouldn't it be great if you knew your vendors were having challenges before it was too late to course correct? We can do that for you.  

Types of Engagements:

 It's great when we get involved with a project from its early inception so that it gets and stays green. That said, it's a consulting luxury. It's normal for clients to realize that they need higher horsepower after a project starts to show signs of an eventual nosedive. We are experts in program and project turnaround. We are flexible and creative in how we craft engagements with our clients. We'll engage in a way that works for you - that could be as simple as an assessment or planning phase, or as robust as our bringing a team of 30 program and project managers. Sound good? Connect with us to begin the dialogue how we can help your projects win.  


The myth of the Santa Claus Project Manager

Resume-slamming suppliers are eager to gift you with a "Santa Claus Project Manager". He's making his list. He's checking it twice. He's escalating as soon as things get naughty. And he's priced like you got the services on ebay. 

He's also ignoring ROI. 

When things get challenging, and you ask him "what's the plan?", his answers make it clear that he isn't capable of getting his project to deliver what you need in order to be successful.

When it sounds too good to be true, it is.

When you have a project that can't afford to fail, you'll need the depth that only experience can buy. We can help.