Revenue Risk Management

Should your provider group be in a risk-based contract?

Upside and Downside risk?


C3 Partners is part of the Revenue Risk Management Group, a consortium of industry leaders who collaborate to identify and implement best practices for health care providers involved in risk-based contracts with commercial and government payers. Partner firms include:


Our expertise in Revenue Risk Management extends to consulting services and software spanning the lifecycle of risk-based contracts. 

We help medical groups to:

  • Decide what type of contracts to enter into
  • Get through contracting
  • Measure and optimize contract performance

Our Revenue Risk Manager software helps medical groups win by:

  • Forecasting contracts' financial performance based on actuals and actuarial modeling
  • Managing risk reserves and timing of bonuses / payouts
  • Measuring and managing quality-based contract incentives
  • Managing attribution and capitation

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