Physician Panel Recruitment

Al is still an emerging technology - in some cases in search of a problem to solve. We are seeking involvement from clinicians who believe that new technology can answer new questions to make a positive difference.

Are you curious? And driven with ideas that can be enabled with new technology? Then join one of our panels, and let's start identifying where we can pragmatically make a difference with leading edge tools.

AI for Coding of Clinical Qualilty Measures

Coding for CQM integrates robust billing data (i.e., full details of 837 billing content), with Clinician notes and other data sources.

Almost all providers using MIPS CQMs engage deeply knowledgeable human coders to manually review these complex data sets. The resulting process is tedious and error-prone, and generates results so late n the process that little opportunity remains to correct inaccuracies. Our AI CQM project aims to accelerate CQM timelines, while increasing accuracte, and addressing the significant shortage of knowledgeable personnel.

AI: Analyze Disparities in Healthcare

We are responding to a NIH request for grant proposals to assist in identifying healthcare disparities, tied to Clinical Quality Metrics.

If successful, our project will correlate physician-level quality measures with Race / Ethnicity. We week physician panel members with points of view, and a willingness to share their data for this intriguing analysis.

Audacious AI

The big promise of AI is the ability to answer questions we don't even know to ask yet.

Our Audacious AI panel will contemplate what big questions can be resolved with readily-accessible data. Our data starting point will include:

From this baseline, our panel will suggest new data sources, which when merged with these starting points, give AI the chance for intellectual breakthrough.



Artificial Intelligence needs three things to thrive.

Our Audacious AI Clinician Panel will help to frame a vision for what may not yet be practical, but what may soon become possible. Our panel consistes of clinicians who hunger to find answers to questions we may not yet even know to ask ... but become possible through potent emerging technology, and audacious inquiry supported by pragmatic data.

Members will collaborate through a well-moderated online forum with periodic virtual conferences, led by a top AI expert and committed physician staff. If you are eager to contribute to new lines of healthcare inquiries, we hope to see you soon!

Drop us an e-mail to schedule an interview